• Start-Up solutions

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    From Start-Up to SME
    We have the experience to help.

    Thinking of starting a new business, or perhaps need a hand to grow? We are here to help.

    Harlequin Creative Limited have extensive experience of working with businesses through their first years of trading and onwards to strong growth. We have helped new businesses identify and address the critical areas of activity that create early growth and make businesses sustainable.

    Even the smallest business needs a marketing strategy and business plan. It need not be complex, but it needs to be defined and adhered to; changes only made when they are clear and planned for a direct outcome. Let Harlequin Creative Limited help you evaluate your marketing options to identify the most cost effective route, and define your strategy as a series of steps that you can take as your business develops.

  • Training

  • Training solutions

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    Be it Sales, Marketing or a combination of both we can all do with the ocassional refresher course or perhaps core training. There are many major companies offering training but we offer specialised training matched to specific needs particularly for the technology and high value technical equipment industries.

    A key area for sales representatives is the ability to present information and product effectively, at a level that engages and informs the audience. This is absolutley critical, and we are not talking about Powerpoint or necessarily any other software solution, but the core of how to put together the information succinctly and in a way that leaves a positive experience such that the audience believes that the product or service will solve a problem and is being supplied by a professional organisation they can trust; and of course, not forgetting the assertion that the product has real value to the organisation.

    Training sessions can be tailored to your requirements from a minimum of one day to extended training and evaluation, from one to one sessions to a maximum group size of eight to ten staff. We often find a mix of the technical, service and sales groups is very enlightening for all groups, as the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into development of the "small piece of software or hardware" can be an eye opener to the sales representative that tries giving away the software to close the deal! Obviously the converse of the pain of the sale and closure will also be clearer and support is then given with an understanding of the complexity of selling.