Mole Valley Builders

Mole valley builders contacted Harlequin to facilitate in the production of a leaflet to show case the business.


Mole Valley Builders requirements were clearly stated.

The work needed to be a showcase for the superior quality of the build and project management that the business offered it shoukld be easy to post but big enough to give the overview and contact information required for new and old customers.

To facilitate the required outcome a number of options were discussed and the requirements itemised

  • The leaflet needed to be easy to post.
  • It should show off the quality of the work including the diversity and different scale of works undertaken.
  • Materials chosen should be suitable for high quality images to be reproduced at their best.
  • Style and layout should reflect the brand
  • Contact information should be easy to read

To facilitate this brief an A4 trifold in portrait mode was chosen. This maximised the flexibility while still allowing postage in a DL envelope mailing.

The angular margins reflect the angular nature of the business logo. A gloss laminate was added which gives an enhanced depth to the photos and also adds weight and a feeling of quality to the printed material.


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