A4 Technical brochure - EasySAM

Technical leaflet A4 briefing for EasySAM - Back Page

A 2-sided Tecnical Briefing/brochure was required by Kibero for the EasySam product, a Novel acoustic microscope for the local assesment of mechanical properties within biological and cellular samples with optical resolution.


Previously the start-up company had been making copies of the data and images in house for the leaflets to be handed out at shows and customer visits. Harlequin Creative assisted with the design and production of .pdf's for the same use and for mailing. The challenge was one that is often encountered by Harlequin; great products, good ideas and a clear message, but how to visualise this as a marketing document which can be re-purposed and brought to fruition on a minimal budget.

We designed the background, a unique style and colour. Updated the customer images, removing issues and adding vibrancy and quality to the in-house images.

Then brought all the elemnts together including the application information and the brand elements into one document. You can see the outcome in the images.

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