Logo Design

Clanode logo

Vector based Logo design to reflect your business idea and brand.

Logo design is more than getting a graphic designer to come up with a icon to match your idea. There are many decisions to take and each must have the business requirements in mind. It is not a quick process and a well designed logo will embody the look feel and business values which are immeadiately accessable to the customer.

We hear of Logos available on the internet for instant download for a fixed price perhaps for £150? BUT, ask yourself the question does this really provide a unique icon and identifier for your business, will the colours be accurate, will it work on my required document shapes, how will it work on a B&W piece of artwork? Does it look correct on print and Web. Are there a set of logos in the family in all the required formats and sizes? Do I have full rights of usage or will it be modified sligtly and be re-sold to another business.

Harlequin Creative look at the logo from the business requirement position and when the design brief has been clarified, the fonts needed and the core values of the business identified, then and only then, will we proceed to offer suggestions to meet our clients need.

We strongly recommend careful consideration before ploughing in. The graphic design and logo is an output generated after a lot of work and business considerations. Only then will we engage to design a graphic and prepare visuals for consideration, this process is carefully manged to completion.

Can we produce a Logo for a couple of hundred pounds... possibly, do we choose from a stock set? No.

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements.

Project Details

  • Tailored to your business requirement and brand
  • Reproducible
  • Vector based (can be enlarged to any size for poster display if required.
  • Minimalist design

Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • Family sets for use in web and print
  • Pantone colours identified for reproducible results
  • Shape and area set to your doument requirements


Suitable for all web and print requirements, Icons that stand out and fit with brand and purpose.

Want more information? or just want to discuss a project. Give us a call or contact us here and we'll do our best to help.