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The challenges surrounding a start-up or a young business can be quite daunting, many people come from larger organisations where they have had the support of specialists around them in each of the fields required to run a business. As a start up, this lack of assistance and information can create a feeling of isolation, we know, we have been there. A major challenge is the Sales and Marketing, from the sales aspect the new business is often run by someone with a passion for the service or product but not a trained sales professional; why not give us a call for a free informal chat about how we can help you bridge that gap and get you on the right track.

Marketing isn't just about an expensive ad, or that one off brochure that you could spend your last bit of capital on. From the very start the humble business card is your first introduction, is yours giving the correct message and does it make sense?

Have a look through your collection of cards from contacts you have made, just how many of them state what the company does? Can you remember? Does it have impact? Just take a moment to think... if this isn't working why is anything else going to work. Harlequin can help guide you through and work in partnership to successfully create an awareness that will last. Give us a call or mail us, it won't cost you the earth and you may well find the returns far outway the costs.

The Plan

  • A.    Executive Summary
  • B.    The Product/Service
  • C.    The Market
  • D.    The Marketing Plan
  • E.    The Competition
  • F.     Operations
  • G.    The Management Team

Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • Define the product and/or service offering
  • Clarify the position within the market
  • Time plan for marketing and growth
  • Understanding the competition
  • Understanding the Sales process
  • Managing the sales pipeline

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