Business Plan

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The business plan; the critical component
New market? new business? large or small a clear plan is critical.

SThe Business plan is of critical importance yet so often start-ups and small businesses fail to take this crucial step on there way to growing their own business. As many would have heard or read, failing to plan is planning to fail and expert, experienced advice can help to get your new business off the starting blocks and working towards profit quickly.

This success and profit requires the owners and the directors to understand who the customers are, their business strengths and that of the competition; how will the business successfully compete and what weaknesses and threats need to be managed.
How will the business cope with the expected expansion, are they entering the correct markets and are they fit for purpose?

The business plan provides investors and your key managers a clear insight into the business and assist in making a request to the bank or your investors for finance.
There is a clear set of requirements for the business plan yet each plan is unique to the individual business. A clear passion for the business is insufficient and a clear defined layout covering key issues will serve to take the business forward. In many cases the Directors of the business can often find areas of agreement but more often than not they will disagree, so again, the clear outcome brings all to the same direction.

A clear objective, critical and focused approach is required, the finished plan is a mechanism to help manage your business and enable you to achieve greater success.

The Plan

  • A.    Executive Summary
  • B.    The Product/Service
  • C.    The Market
  • D.    The Marketing Plan
  • E.    The Competition
  • F.     Operations
  • G.    The Management Team

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Common Objectives

  • Define the product and/or service offering
  • Clarify the position within the market
  • Time plan for marketing and growth
  • Understanding the competition
  • Understanding the Sales process
  • Managing the sales pipeline

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