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Sales, impossible targets?
"Sales are going well but accounts keep telling me that its not enough"

Sales - How many times do we hear managers and staff complaining about impossible targets, not hitting targets, dreading the next sales meeting? All so often comments such as "sales are going well but accounts/my manager, keeps telling me that its not enough"?

We could go on with a number of scenarios, but lets start with a couple of questions; is it actually the sale that is the problem? Perhaps payment on outstanding invoices hasn't been tracked, did the sales person actually do the calculations and understand the profitability of the offer being made, is that information being supplied by accounts, is the price list configured correctly and so on and so on. If you are unsure about any of these issues or feel your sales team do not know the answers then give us a call for an informal chat to see how we can help.

We have been engaged by companies with in-excess of a million pound turnover where sales directors and or staff have increased sales by more than 20% in a year only to find the company situation declining not improving. Sound familiar? We think we can help, why not call to see how we might assist with putting in place systems or offer training that could mean the difference between decline or growth.

Project Details

  • Sales training
  • Process review
  • Product mix

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Common Objectives

  • Setting and managing targets
  • Understanding the Sales process
  • Managing the sales pipeline
  • Clarity of sales offer
  • Formal quotations

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