Brand Development

Branding flow chart to raise your game

Brand Development. Creating, developing and refining your brand is key to successfull marketing.

Your brand is not merely a logo, it identifies your organisation and communicates its values.

With Harlequin Creative Ltd. your brand will evolve, becoming a sound foundation on which to build your dialogue with customers. This is achieved through communication of consistent themes and messages that have meaning to your customers, delivered at times and places when they have most relevance.

The need for effective branding is not confined to large organisations. Whatever the scale of your business and your marketing activity, a well cultivated brand will maximise its return by ensuring that your message is clearly communicated.

We strongly recommend careful consideration before ploughing in. The graphic design, logo, Font, colours, phrasing and the style of writing all contribute to understanding and recognition. It is the culmination of output generated after a lot of work and business considerations. Only then will the brand style emerge and engage this process is carefully manged to completion.

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Project Details

  • Tailored to your business requirement and brand
  • Graphics prepared
  • Fonts established
  • Colours to match your sector need and the style of the bueiness
  • Layout of branded material

Project Gallery

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Common Objectives

  • Consistent brand style
  • Customer and market "FIT"
  • Extensible
  • Solid foundation


A well executed brand proposition with the ability to grow with the company. A vehicle for communicating the fundamental positioning of the company and its products and services.