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Book keeping

Outsource your bookeeping

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Its every small businesses nightmare, especially sole traders and start ups, the receipts pile up, the scraps of paper are getting larger and the tax man seems to be ready to pounce. There is a fear that getting help will be another financial burden too far, so there is the "soldier on" mentality because it will be all alright!

Well, it doesn't have to be that way. You can concentrate on your business - while we take care of the books & payroll.

Ask yourself honestly; is it really an efficient and cost effective use of your time? Is it what you do best?

Generally the best approach is to get on with the things that matter to you, the things that you do best: supplying your customers and making money.
Yes there is a cost, but if done efficiently your books and accounts can become the method to run your business profitably, know your financial position, who your best customer is, and understand what is your best product or service. Just as important; which one are you selling most of that is dragging the business down! Yes it happens more than you might think.

Don't let the nightmare continue, we will manage your books or run your payroll, and be sure to handle your business with discretion while producing the highest quality results.
Harlequin Creative Limited Specialises book keeping and payroll for sole traders and small business, we make sure we clearly explain all the work we do on your behalf. We'll deliver to the agreed budget, time scales and standards of quality that you want.

If doing the books is preventing you from concentrating on your core business and its success - or if it's simply getting you down! - why not see what we can do for you?
Contact us for an informal discussion to hear how we can help you shed the burden of administration while you focus on business growth.

If you simply find the burden of administration weighs heavily on your shoulders - Call Harlequin Creative Limited for assistance with all or any of the following, please call for an informal discussion on how we can help you.
    •    Bookkeeping
    •    VAT returns
    •    Cash flow
    •    Monthly figures
    •    Bank reconciliation

We will work with you to fully understand your business; we can then tailor our service to your requirements and provide the exact service you need.


Outsourcing your payroll is a simple and cost effective method of freeing time to focus on your business. Payroll legislation is becoming increasingly specialist, by letting us run your payroll it will be on time and right 1st time. No more unhappy staff when the payment day is missed due to that big client you were working with.
We can work in your office and be a part of your team, why not call us? theres nothng to lose and a lot to gain, you will find us plain talking and easy to work with, if you don't then please tell us as customer satisfaction is high on our priority list.

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The Social Network

Don't ignore the massive growth and the need to leverage Social Networks to grow business. Go look for a business in your sector to see how they are using this media. No time? then why not let us manage your profile for you?

Don't leave it to chance, let Harlequin Creative Ltd. help you with your Sales and Marketing challenge. Be it Strategic, or a one off challenge, a logo design, a brochure or a web site, we have the experience and the skill to help you on the right track. If you don't find what you are looking for why not give us a call to discuss your requirements. You'll find us plain talking and solution focussed to help within budget on time and to requirement. The content of this web site is constantly changing so make sure you check back soon, we will be adding special promotional materials and offers to help your business grow.

We look forward to working with you.